Review on Business Confidence

As one of the European Chamber’s most important conferences of the year, the European Business in China—Business Confidence Survey (BCS) Launch will take place in Guangzhou and Shenzhen on June

Emergency Hotline Hassled

According to Dongguan Public Security Bureau, from the nearly 2.5 million reports that were received in 2016 via the emergency hotline 110, over 37 percent of them were false. Lost

Making the Map Better

Drivers in Dongguan will get more accurate map and transportation information from now on. On April 17, a cooperation agreement was signed between AutoNavi Maps (also known as Gaode Maps)

Making Dongguan Wet Again

Dongguan’s biggest water park, the Palm Valley Water Park (or Zonglügu Shuicheng, next to Tangla Dongguan Hotel), will re-open and officially start the summer on May 26. Since the major

New Culture & Art Venue

After nearly two decades, the Dongguan Worker’s Cultural Palace was rebuilt and opened at the end of April, adding another public cultural venue for the city. Located next to the

World’s Longest Bridge Opens in 2019

Humen bridge has been one of the most congested areas in Dongguan since opening. To alleviate this, a second bridge is to be built by 2019 that will stretch over

Guts or Glory on Campus

Utahloy International School Zengcheng, providing one of the top school facilities in the region, has been seen doing more and more community events around campus. On April 15, a special

New Sino-Russian Freight Rail Leaving From Shilong

On April 22, the first Sino-Russian two-way block train, departed from Vorsino, Russia loaded with corn, soy beans and cooking oil. It will arrive in Shilong 17 days later, after

Taste Test Dongguan

When talking about Dongguan, people seldom connect it with food, let alone call it a food city. However, a group of young people spent a year searching every little corner

Rugby Tourney In Town

Dongguan’s first contact rugby tournament will be held on May 6 at Utahloy International School in Zengcheng. The organizer, Dongguan Bulldogs, will be competing against other adult 10’s clubs from