DG Filmmakers’ Feast

Back in 2013, the film making industry in Dongguan began to take off and only a handful of movie studios were struggling to survive between commercial and artistic creations. After

The Lucky Flower Market

In Guangdong, a quite essential tradition before Chinese New Year is taking a walk in the Spring Festival Flower Market to choose some luck-inspired flowers and mandarin orange bushes. Placing

Guangdong Shoes Standardized

For a province that produces over 5 billion pairs of shoes a year, it’s very important to set up clear industry standards. Now, they will be created in Houjie, thanks

Safer School Buses

Every day, over 6,100 school buses loaded with 300,000 students run throughout the city. The safety standards of these buses have become increasingly important for the Education Administration Department. Now,

New Airport Check-In in Songshan Lake

Another airport check-in has been built in Dongguan. Located on Songshan Lake’s Libin Road, Airport Check-in SSL opened on January 3. It now offers services like check-in, airport buses, hotels

New Brazilian Headquarters Opens in DG

  With a large Brazilian community linked to the footwear and leather industries, Dongguan has started creating a business complex that will provide services to support trade and economic relations

No More Free Parking

While Dongguan drivers are grateful for the relatively cheap or free parking costs on the streets of Dongguan, they know it’s only a matter of time until prices go up.

Opening New Shopping Center

On December 16, Humen Wanda Plaza, the fourth Wanda Plaza in Dongguan, held an extraordinarily grand opening with a circus, models, bands, dramas and gladiators. As usual, a day-long, half-price

A Cup of Warmth

In a fast-paced, urban life style, it’s easy to neglect love and care for other people. In Dongguan, a group of volunteers have been sending out hot porridge every morning,

Everyone is A Musician

Everyone can make music. Great music, in fact. Most importantly, positive energy and communication are generated through the creative process. This was the concept brought by the community music workshop