Guts or Glory on Campus

Utahloy International School Zengcheng, providing one of the top school facilities in the region, has been seen doing more and more community events around campus. On April 15, a special

New Sino-Russian Freight Rail Leaving From Shilong

On April 22, the first Sino-Russian two-way block train, departed from Vorsino, Russia loaded with corn, soy beans and cooking oil. It will arrive in Shilong 17 days later, after

Taste Test Dongguan

When talking about Dongguan, people seldom connect it with food, let alone call it a food city. However, a group of young people spent a year searching every little corner

Rugby Tourney In Town

Dongguan’s first contact rugby tournament will be held on May 6 at Utahloy International School in Zengcheng. The organizer, Dongguan Bulldogs, will be competing against other adult 10’s clubs from

DG Dragons Growing Up

As the Dongguan Dragons club has already been enjoying their new, custom-built field since last fall, the program is thriving and their numbers continue to grow. All that’s needed now

French Diploma Available in DG

To nurture more local talent in smart manufacturing, Dongguan University of Technology (DGUT) has been approved to set up a Sino-French engineering institute. Three Bachelor’s degrees, including communication engineering, software

Upgraded Sports Park

Nancheng Sports Park, a sports complex located in the heart of Xiping, is going to be demolished and rebuilt. On March 8, an official bidding announcement was released online. According

Updated Penalty Driving Points System

The latest management regulation for the penalty point system has been released and some noticeable changes have been widely spread online. For example, starting in 2017, all violations will affix

New GZ, DG, SZ & HK Train Circle

From April 16, Dongguan will have its first direct train to Zhuhai, with only 90 minutes’ traveling time, an hour less compared to driving. This is actually an extension of

Expat Bars Closing & Growing

Unfortunately, disappointment hits DG around town with Winners English Pub announcing its upcoming closure. Bringing Hengli Town and Dongguan some of the best food, drinks and service, the team had