Mucuna Flower Festival

Spring is here, so what’s better than strolling through mountains, appreciating the soothing flowers and listening to chirping birds. In Qingxi’s Dawang Mountain, bunches of green and purple mucuna flowers,

More Sports Venues Coming to DG

Community sports parks equipped with basketball, badminton and table tennis facilities will appear in every community or village by 2025. Meanwhile, 80 percent of public schools’ sports venues will be

Manufacture Giant Settles in Tangxia

Lens Technology, a Hunan-based, top 100 private company in China, is confirmed to start building a factory in Tangxia Town. Founded in 2003, the company has been supplying touch panels,

Expanding Your Business In China

It can be tough to get your business out of your home territory, while still making money and having few contacts. Conferences are great opportunities to meet people and get

The Biking Bonanza Continues

The bike sharing phenomenon is getting bigger and bigger. Barely one month after the introduction of the government-funded public bikes and Mobike were introduced, two more companies, ofo and Ubike,

Bring This When Traveling to GZ & SZ

Starting on March 1, long distance buses, including inter-province and inter-city buses, will require real-name ticket purchases, according to a new rule in the Regulation of Passenger Transportation and Coach

Meet DG Through Planning

A new museum has been added to DG’s lineup that offers a whole new way to understand the city. The Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery (situated behind exit B at

Pink Fights Back

This February 22, don’t be surprised if you see a lot of pink t-shirts across DG to celebrate and bring awareness to Pink Shirt Day. People around the world will

New High-Speed Railway

Another high-speed railway station has officially started construction in Dongguan’s Tangxia Town on December 22. Linking Jiangxi’s Ganzhou and Shenzhen in just two hours, the Gan-Shen Railway is 436 km

Bird Flu Attacked

Winter starts the high-risk season for human infected bird flu. Up until January, 14 human infections with avian influenza A (H7N9) virus were detected in Guangdong. Two people died, including