San Francisco Celebrates DG

On September 16, the Technological Innovation Forum was successfully held in California’s entrepreneur capital—Silicon Valley. On the same day, the Dongguan–San Francisco Economic and Trade Office and the Dongguan Merchants

Honoring DG’s Oldest Volunteers

Imagining yourself at 90, what do you see? For some inspiration, look to this group of nonagenarians and other retirees that claim to be Dongguan’s oldest group of volunteers. This

Brown Sugar Jar Rises Again

To make pottery, an object must first be cooked by raging fire. Since Brown Sugar Jar was accidentally burned last spring, much has been done to bring the space back

DG Welcomes American Football

You may have seen some athletes kick a small, round ball around Dongguan, but you’ve never seen the version where the man with the ball is crushed (rugby, stay out


No more “Keyboard Men” The Internet-derived term—similar to troll—for people who hide behind online privacy measures to exhibit aggression to others on the web is almost over. Now, the Chinese

Que Jin Ting Bei

The ancient stone tablet—called “que” (to refuse), “jin” (gold), “ting” (pavilion) and ”bei” (stone tablet)—was built at a pavilion in Guancheng to honor one incorruptible official in early China. During

Doc. Sparks Controversy

Japanese national broadcaster NHK recently released a documentary about the atrocities in Japan’s Unit 731 during World War II. Huge online protests among Japanese ensued. Unlike other WWII documentaries that

Asian Marathon Comes to DG

Hosted every two years, the Asian Marathon Championship is the only intercontinental event in Asia hosted by the Asian Athletics Association. Now, Dongguan is the third city in China to

Hotel Controversy Finally Ends

After more than two years of waiting, a sentence of life imprisonment finally came to Liang Yaohui, a big name in the local hotel industry. Dongguan Intermediate People’s Court sentenced

DG is Now Fifth Best in China

Baidu Maps recently released their China Urban Research Report for the second quarter of 2017. Among China’s 60 major cities, Dongguan ranked fifth (attractiveness index: 8.104) for attracting non-locals to