Volunteers Clean Shared Bikes

A few kind students volunteered to clean and repair shared bikes after finishing exams. The major concerns facing shared bikes are damage, theft and private locks. Even though some bike

Self-Service Enters Hospitals

Dongguan People’s Hospital launched a new self-service machine, which provides the distribution of medical cards, registration, payment, inquiries and so on, to reduce the burden of queuing and decrease patients’

Moving the Car Accidents

Dongguan traffic police and WeChat have launched a self-service system for more quickly and easier handling of minor traffic accidents via the WeChat account “Dongguan Jiao Jing (东莞交警).” Of late,

Musical Cultural Exchange Tour

The Cultural Exchange tour of the Sino-Canadian Youth Orchestra was held at the Star Theater in the Dongguan Culture Center on July 25. The North American Chinese Orchestra and Dongguan

China Aims For America

On July 3, a day before America’s Independence Day, some top 500 companies in Shenzhen received red envelopes entitled: “Are you ready to take over America?” What’s more, inside were


Walkers rejoice! From now on, any driver who doesn’t give right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks will be fined 200 RMB and given three traffic points. The Dongguan Traffic


Ancient Dongguan was protected by an imposing wall, moat and four impressive gates. The east entrance was named He Yang Gate (He Yang Men 和阳门) because it was located close

The 20th Anniversary of Humen Bridge

This year marks the 20th year since the building of Humen Bridge, a date shared with the handover of Hong Kong SAR. In fact, the opening of the bridge served

Local Bike Brand Goes Abroad

The red colored shared bikes called 小强单车 (Xiaoqiang Shared Bike) are one of many brands strewn across the city. Including the operating system, app platform, intelligent lock, plus the bike

Shared Umbrellas Appear in DG

From this month, more and more rainbow-colored umbrellas are being found across fences on various roads. Has somebody left them here? No, they are actually shared umbrellas, akin to the