China Splash April 2017

Quite An Explosive Dish A restaurant introduced a “mine” dish, which will explode and reveal the food inside the bomb. It’s unclear where it went wrong, but one dish accidentally

DG Dragons Growing Up

As the Dongguan Dragons club has already been enjoying their new, custom-built field since last fall, the program is thriving and their numbers continue to grow. All that’s needed now

French Diploma Available in DG

To nurture more local talent in smart manufacturing, Dongguan University of Technology (DGUT) has been approved to set up a Sino-French engineering institute. Three Bachelor’s degrees, including communication engineering, software

Upgraded Sports Park

Nancheng Sports Park, a sports complex located in the heart of Xiping, is going to be demolished and rebuilt. On March 8, an official bidding announcement was released online. According

Updated Penalty Driving Points System

The latest management regulation for the penalty point system has been released and some noticeable changes have been widely spread online. For example, starting in 2017, all violations will affix

New GZ, DG, SZ & HK Train Circle

From April 16, Dongguan will have its first direct train to Zhuhai, with only 90 minutes’ traveling time, an hour less compared to driving. This is actually an extension of

DG’s Tigers One Step Away From 9th CBA Title

Last night, the Southern Tigers finished off Shenzhen’s Leopards (series final 4:1) and triumphantly advanced to the final round of the 2016-17 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) playoffs. This marks the

New Rules About Online Shopping Refund and How to Complain

The necessary refund costs, such as shipping fees, will be undertaken by consumers, unless otherwise agreed. The seven-day period will start from the next day after signing for a parcel.

Expat Bars Closing & Growing

Unfortunately, disappointment hits DG around town with Winners English Pub announcing its upcoming closure. Bringing Hengli Town and Dongguan some of the best food, drinks and service, the team had

From Uber to iBer

Launching at the end of last December, iBER car rental utilizes a similar concept as Mobike: renting and returning a car with an app. Along with energy efficient cars, iBER