The 20th Anniversary of Humen Bridge

This year marks the 20th year since the building of Humen Bridge, a date shared with the handover of Hong Kong SAR. In fact, the opening of the bridge served

Local Bike Brand Goes Abroad

The red colored shared bikes called 小强单车 (Xiaoqiang Shared Bike) are one of many brands strewn across the city. Including the operating system, app platform, intelligent lock, plus the bike

Shared Umbrellas Appear in DG

From this month, more and more rainbow-colored umbrellas are being found across fences on various roads. Has somebody left them here? No, they are actually shared umbrellas, akin to the

Local In “Happy Male Voice”

“Happy Male Voice” is a talent show produced by Hunan TV, which showcases ordinary people who have a passion for singing. Local Dongguaner Ye Jianfeng sang nine seconds of an

Two Major Fires IN Houjie

A sudden fire happened in the Qiaotou community of Houjie at around 5 pm on June 5. The fire began in an open space where some PU material was waiting

Dentist to volunteer in africa

One local dentist is taking his skills all the way to Africa to assist those in dire poverty and help reduce pain, while boosting education. Hailing from Costa Rica, Dr.

Hip Hop is forever

Some people might think hip hop culture is the same as hip hop dance, but they’d be wrong. Actually, hip hop culture more accurately includes dance, graffiti, rap, DJing, BMX


Riding a Buffalo to School Addicted to the study of ancient Chinese philosophy, a father from Chengdu escorts his three-year-old son to kindergarten by riding a buffalo. The father and

Doggy Saving Mission Continues

You probably heard from your friends or saw in social media by now. Until HERE! finally went to print, the purported 1,300 dogs saved from a truck heading to Yulin’s

Bus Cards Upgraded

By the end of this year, Dongguan Tong users will be able to take metro and buses with a simple swipe of a QR code on a phone. The physical