In the Local Media: August 2013

Dissected Taxi In the early morning of July 4, a speeding BMW soaring along Dongcheng’s Bar Street hit a taxi in the intersection of Dongcheng South and Dongcheng Zhi Roads. After

In the Local Media: July 2013

Shake a Deceiver A man from Nanjing surnamed Hua was relieved of almost RMB 400,000 by a girl he didn’t even meet. Using Chinese social app WeChat, Hua was bewildered

In the Local Media: June 2013

Black Market Careers Since new traffic penalties attached a point system to drivers’ licenses last January, a new profession of buying points from clean record holders and selling them to

In the Local Media: May 2013

Deadly Fungus Chang’An’sLotusHillparkis home to the toxic wild mushrooms commonly known as death caps. The white fungus took five lives last month. On April 5, twelve friends picked death caps