Droplets of Weird and Wonderful Chinese News: China Splash

Wife with No Name A security guard surnamed Nong, met a schizophrenic woman while at work in Houjie and promptly married her. They now have a nine month old child,

Droplets of Weird and News: China Splash

TEENAGE INFANTICIDE ATTEMPT A 15 year-old girl gave birth to a baby boy, and promptly threw him out of the window of a fifth floor house in Chang’an Jingxia Village,

A Blend of The Weird & Useful

No Humans in Humen Store An unstaffed convenience store opened in downtown Humen Town, and, remarkably, didn’t suffer a single theft. The store, fittingly called Wu Ren Pu (Unmanned Shop)

A Blend of Weird & Useful September 2015

ear bud takes on new meaning The dramatic story of a man, his ear and an unwanted visitor played out in Chang’an recently. Mr. Li, 19, noticed an itch on

A Blend of the Weird & Useful August 2015

Fight Fire with Firefox Taking to the radio, a representative for the fire department said Dongguan citizens post pictures or video of a fire on social media before calling emergency-line

A Blend of the Weird & Useful July 2015

LADY Viagra Hits Local Market While the FDA struggles to approve the pharmaceutical drug known as female Viagra in the U.S., the medicine has already appeared on Dongguan’s market under

A Blend of The Weird & Useful: June 2015

The Cost of Plastic Surgery A Dongguan cosmetic surgery clinic is being sued by four TV stars for using their likenesses in ads. The case of TV host Li Xiang,

In the Local Media: May 2015

Student Sits on Teacher A fourth grade student in Zhangmutou sent his teacher to the hospital after attacking her in class and reinjuring a wound. Known for acts of violence,

In the Local Media: April 2015

Wild Life Tragedy On March 3, a raid on a country-style restaurant hidden in Dalang’s Songmushan Village uncovered almost 200 wild animals from the national list of protected animals, most

In the Local Media: March 2015

Coming or Going? A recent survey showed that 60 percent of migrants would like to come back to work in Dongguan, 30 percent were not sure. The questionnaire was distributed