Fake Cosmetics Plague Taobao A series of arrests in Nanjing and Qingdao have revealed a massive counterfeit cosmetics network operating on Taobao. The number of victims is expected to be


Cracking Down on Train Cheaters Fare dodgers and people caught smoking on trains in Guangdong Province could be banned from traveling by rail if they break rules more than twice.


Riding a Buffalo to School Addicted to the study of ancient Chinese philosophy, a father from Chengdu escorts his three-year-old son to kindergarten by riding a buffalo. The father and


Earthquake Survivor’s Happy Ending With help of medical staff and society, an amputated Wenchuan Earthquake survivor was able to walk away from the horror and tied the knot with a

China Splash May 2017

Old Man Fixed Bikes For Free A 60-year-old man fixed shared bikes on the streets of Xi’an voluntarily for half a month. Mr. Wang was a sanitation worker until he

China Splash April 2017

Quite An Explosive Dish A restaurant introduced a “mine” dish, which will explode and reveal the food inside the bomb. It’s unclear where it went wrong, but one dish accidentally

DG’s Tigers One Step Away From 9th CBA Title

Last night, the Southern Tigers finished off Shenzhen’s Leopards (series final 4:1) and triumphantly advanced to the final round of the 2016-17 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) playoffs. This marks the

New Rules About Online Shopping Refund and How to Complain

The necessary refund costs, such as shipping fees, will be undertaken by consumers, unless otherwise agreed. The seven-day period will start from the next day after signing for a parcel.

China Splash March 2017

Easier Admission for Foreigners? Starting from the Spring 2017 semester, Tsinghua University announced that they would utilize a new admission system for international students, and later received broad online criticism.

China Splash February 2017

Long-Lost Toddler Found Parents in DG Relying on DNA technology and a national database, a 15-year-old boy successfully found his parents after 12 years of lost contact. In 2005, the