How to Get Rescued in Dongguan

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… No, it’s a drone and now it’s here to save you. Welcome to the future. When it comes to search and rescue operations,

WeChat Nation: Magic Moments

WeChat: It’s more than just a good way to have rambling text exchanges for free. It’s a place to be you, to feel important, to –please, shoot me in the

Hashtag Dongguan Brands

These six local brands sprouted up to make some rich, some proud, and some nationally recognized. they put all of us on the map. You know Nestlé. If you’re Swiss,

Is Dongguan Tolerant?

Dongguan is the most tolerant city in China. So says the fine staff at Hubei’s Investment Times, who went to researcher Luo Tianhao of the Commerce, Technology and Quality Administration

Flash Floods, Top to Bottom: What We Did Right, Where It Went Wrong

Oops! Water is everywhere. From April to September, Dongguan, a city with mild subtropical weather, has entered its wet season, posing a challenge to Dongguan’s drainage system. At the end

Wish You Were Here: Tips for International Mail

Mailing personal items or gifts across seas or continents can be a disturbing venture if you don’t know the differences in the many parcel mailing services and prohibitions of Chinese

Observe and Report: Civilian Guide to Official Uniforms

China’s broadly assigned law enforcement officers are seen on the street with similar uniforms in green, blue or white, sometimes confusing citizens in need. Lessons have been learned that asking

Convergence of Comfort: Many Hands Gather for a Lone Twin

Shuangqin is a 9-year-old girl born with a facial disfigurement. Abandoned by her mother, she lives with her grandparents while her father works to save money so she can have

Book Resort

The Library Could Save the Summer The children, spattered with creamed ice, fled across summer fields, and the mother, leaning with the favoring limp of an overfed diaper bag, followed.