Drone Wars of Dongguan

There is rarely an issue that fails to divide opinion. In this world of warfare, hobbyists and filmmakers operating the same technology, what does the future hold for the world’s

Summer League Quick List

Organized sport is a must for raising well-rounded kids, if you don’t have the first clue; we’ve organized a list of leagues for you. Ice Hockey (Ages: 6-15) Where: One

Kids Take Over: When the Work becomes Fun

The ground shakes, sirens wail, things fall and children are bewildered. Can they react? Yes. As scrambling for cover begins—the crisis barely managed—sirens sound and a familiar red vehicle whizzes

The DGRC Pro Club: And the World’s Smallest International Airport

With a sun visor on his head and a bulky remote controller in his hands, Beck coaxed his airplane as it zipped across the afternoon sky. Starting back in his

B-Ball in Preview: Your Town, Your Teams, Our Season

The daily temperatures are dropping, the rain has stopped and it’s the beginning of November, which can only mean one thing: the start of the 2014-15 CBA season. Dongguan is

From Folly to Volley: The Dongguan Tennis Center Takes Serve

In 2011, Liu Zhigeng, the Secretary of the Communist Party in Dongguan, announced the development of the Dongguan Tennis Center, a state-of-the-art tennis stadium and facility capable of hosting the

World Cup Update: Road between Germany and Brazil

Everyone thought that a World Cup in Brazil would be a big deal. But now, after the group stage is done and half the teams are still on the battle

Brazilian, Football Addict, Visitor: A Sports Journalist away from Country, but Connected to Team

Being an expat is never an easy task. But, when you are Brazilian, love football and are 19,000 miles away from home during a World Cup being played in Brazil,

World Cup Pub Talk: Global Conversation Starters

On June 14th, the World Cup kicks off in Brazil. The host nation is favored to win the tournament; they have one of the world’s best players in Neymar, they

Spring Botanists Guide: Spot the Flora, Feel the Warmth

Spring, the season of growth and renewal, grows flowers to cheer us up after the short Dongguan winter. In the eastern subtropic monsoon region, the moderate climate and abundant sunshine