Snowflakes in A Rice Bowl

What’s the hippest thing to eat during the terribly burning summer heat? Ice cream? Lemon tea? Yogurt? None of the above. It’s time you learn how to eat cool. Once

Exposing Pains of Life Abroad

I once knew the manager of an English language training center here in China who had a hiring preference for middle-aged, white males. Her reasoning: “They looked professorial.” Trouble was,

The Manliest of Them All

It was originally the title of the movie, Never Back Down, and the poster, which includes a big, muscular black guy that’s wearing ragged gloves and looking ready to brawl

Here’s To The Best of The Best

What started as a simple idea to support a great cause has turned into an ultra popular culinary event that draws even the least likely of participants. There are plenty

Packed Full of Culture And Art

A lot of people might think Dongguan is just about factories and business, but the local government is making huge strides to change this and bring free culture to the

A Taste For Travel

It’s all-too-easy to play it safe when eating abroad, but stepping outside your comfort zone can offer a rich and tasty reward As the summer holidays speed into view, so

Deadpool Spills Blood and Laughter

For those of us that prefer their superheroes to bow to moral ambiguity instead of towards traditional cookie-cutter, good guy molds, there seems much on offer today. It’s now almost

A Gold-Plated Read

I’m Chinese, and while many can get excited about the intimate stories of the exceptionally rich, these tales seem to be quickly becoming passé. The book is all about glitz,

The Jungle Book

There is always a danger in remaking films, particularly when you are remaking something as iconic, much-loved, and mesmerizing as Disney’s 1967 animated feature, The Jungle Book which pretty much

Queen Sea Big Shark

Beijing-based, Queen Sea Big Shark are one of the biggest rock bands in China. So, I was intrigued to go and check them out when they played at Brown Sugar