Dancing Grannies

You see them in public squares throughout China, middle-aged women dancing without a care in the world, but exactly how did this hobby start? Throughout the Middle Kingdom, in parks,

What’s the Deal With Sitting the Month

In what is an archaic practice, many Chinese women face tough times after giving birth Giving birth is tough, no doubt, but for Chinese women things are even tougher. First,

What’s the Deal With Drink for Work

In recent decades, the Chinese expression of hospitality, gānbēi (bottoms up), has grown to extremes at business banquets. The ability to finish your glass of alcohol has become an important

What’s the Deal with Bride-napping Logic

Human trafficking is a worldwide problem not a Chinese one, but its scope here is large. In 2013, for example, 50,000 women and 24,000 children were rescued by police. That’s

What’s the Deal with Girls Holding Hands?

Westerners often find it strange or uncomfortable to see Chinese girls holding hands on streets or shopping malls, especially when they find out it doesn’t involve any romantic sentiment. First

What’s the Deal With? Gifting Protocol

Some of you expats may still be confused by the unwritten rules of China’s gift exchange etiquette. In many cases, gifts are refused early and often. They’re saying, “Oh, that’s

What’s the Deal With Welfare Lottery

When the China Welfare Lottery was set up in 1987, it was mainly for collecting funds for social welfare. During the past 28 years, it has grown rapidly and become

What’s the Deal With Turtle Farming

Turtles have a unique place in the heart of China. People make meals out of them and raise them in their own homes as pets. Some even worship them. In

What’s the Deal With Parking Tickets

The first concern for a new driver in China is rarely where to park, but as car ownership increases, finding a legal spot can be a headache. Especially, considering that

What’s the Deal With PRD Megacity

Perhaps many still remember the reports that went viral in 2011 claiming nine cities in the Pearl River Delta including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Foshan would merge into the world’s