Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

For thousands of years, people have been waking up, cracking open a few free-range chicken eggs, toasting a slice of whole-wheat bread and downing a cool glass of Floridian orange

We Get Around: Using Tech to Navigate Dongguan

As our quiet, little metropolis grows to compete with some of the globe’s biggest cities, technology is making it easier to do business here or meet friends there. Don’t let

Spoken by A True Cyclist

No more gas stations, no more honking. It’s time to get out of the car and see Dongguan the way it was meant to be seen: on two wheels. Just

Observing Dongguan from the Skies

Rapidly becoming the home of the drone, South China is undoubtedly hot on flying. We spent a day flying to see how our favorite spots in Dongguan from the ground

Get Soaked! A Look Into Dongguan’s Hottest Waterpark

Refusing to spend too much time outside, the repetition between running to work and running home is incredibly boring, but really the only way to avoid the summer heat. Want

How Dongguan Got Its Groove Back

So much more than the awkward wedding reception or robotic ballroom dances you recall from high school, a huge variety of types and styles in studios around Dongguan will improve

Going Underground: The Dongguan Metro Has Finally Arrived

On opening day, HERE! decided to travel across the metro to find out what hidden corners of the city it might unearth… It was the opening day of the Dongguan

The Rise and Fall of Dragon Boat Racing

Dongguan has long been a center of dragon boat racing, but sadly, this longstanding tradition is being quickly forgotten. Whether it’s Cornishman in their pilot gigs, students in their University

City of Burgers: Where to Eat Dongguan’s Best Hamburgers

Is there anything more glorious and demotic than a hamburger? That bit of greasy ground meat wrapped up in a bread roll, maybe with cheese and (for the hippies) a

An Adopted Son

How One Woman’s Love For A Chinese-Nigerian Child Became One Of The Most Complex Adoption Cases In Modern China It was late autumn 2007 and Lynn, a 21 year-old unmarried