21 Things We Love About Dongguan

Keyuan Garden This is Dongguan’s own little piece of the Qing Dynasty. Designed and built during the 1850s, it is one of the Four Great Gardens of Guangdong Province. It


If you stand amazed as WeChat slowly takes control of your life, are scratching your head at the blisteringly inane nature of Moments, or simply want to know how to

Keeping the Faith

China is often written off as a secular country with little interest in matters spiritual, but the reality is a little more complex. Dongguan might not seem like a devout

Crafty Beer Time

How the Nectar of the Gods is Increasingly Being Made by the Man on the Street Real Ale was once the preserve of uncool, scruffily dressed, ageing men with wayward

HERE ! For Ten Years

Celebrate with us, as we look back at the first decade of the magazine. Follow the timeline, giggle at the silliness, nod at the truths and dream big with the

An Illustrated Guide to Humen: Dongguan’s Port City

MARK YOUR TERRITORY Our tour of Humen, the town slated to become a city sometime before 2020, begins with the places that make it a home. We’re talking about the

China’s Youth Makes Fun of The Tech You Grew Up With

We constantly hear about striking differences in China’s generations. It can be tough to find a Chinese person over 45 that uses email and one under 40 that doesn’t have

It’s Our World: TCKs Make Your Life Look Boring

Normally, I would refrain from writing a preface in first person. But I have to say that I was touched by these young people and their youthful spirit. Few among

Masters of Menu: Dongguan Chefs & Their War Stories

These pages are a portal through another dimension, one not of sight or sound, but of smell and taste—its surfaces gathered on jovial social occasions. Its legends sparked not by

Take The Hint: A Guide to Chinese Body Language

For those calling China home, it can be easy to think you’ve figured it all out. Many of us reach a plateau in understanding Chinese culture, leaving little room for