A First Impression of the City: Dongguan Exhibition Center

Don’t be confused, the Dongguan Exhibition Center is a museum rather than a giant hall where furniture or car shows are held. The first-floor exhibit will bring you back all

A Promoter and Educator of Modern Art: 21 Space Art Museum

As one of the best exhibition sites for modern art in the city, the museum houses a 3,000-square-meter area, including a sizable 20-meter-high transparent outdoor space to accommodate the craziest

The Future of Dongguan: Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery

Barely opened for half a year, the Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery has already been surprising visitors with an interesting view of an otherwise expectedly boring topic. Spend a few

The Significance of Shilong: Shilong Museum

Located in the heart of old downtown Shilong is the Shilong Museum. In these halls, you’ll bear witness to the ups and downs, affluence and adversity, and stability and turbulence

The First Human of PRD: Haogang Site Museum

Around 6,000 years ago, the northwest, waterfront geography of Dongguan, including Machong, Shilong, Zhongtang, Daojiao and Shatian, were submerged under the sea. On the border of Guancheng and Nancheng, a

What’s on Display? Visiting Dongguan’s Most Intriguing Museums

Scattered between the sprawling residential gardens and bustling storefront factories of Dongguan are storehouses of discovery. It is here that triumphs are showcased, knowledge is bestowed and creative visions are

Introducing Xiaba Fang: The Place We Called Batou

Scroll down to see Xiaba Fang (Batou) map and directory It’s around 9 pm on a Saturday and you’ve been trudging through an eternal week in anticipation of a party

What’s Eating China: Exploring the Middle Kingdom’s Eight Main Cuisines

When I first came to China over four years ago, I obliviously thought all Chinese food was the same. Growing up in the U.K., I was given a false presumption

What’s Eating China: Shangdong Cuisine

Shandong cuisine—as it is known today—was created during the Yuan Dynasty. Over time, it gradually spread to other areas in northeast China: Beijing, Tianjin and even the Emperor’s palace, where

What’s Eating China: Sichuan Cuisine

Colloquially known as the “heavenly country,” due to its abundance of food and natural resources. Most Sichuan dishes are very spicy, although a typical meal includes some more mild options