Don’t Ruin All My Places

After finally finding your main spot, the place is overrun by people who like all music, drinks and fun. In other words, they probably like nothing at all. Well, my

The Electric Camel

Workers who support society are both hated and loved. Do they help or get in the way? One thing’s for sure, society needs these hardworking individuals. They disrupt traffic as

Pride’s Sleight of Hand

Nationalism isn’t a new trick, but it’s one that’s sure to be vigorously used for eternity. Is loving your country bad? No, but what makes it so special over any

For The Love Of The Game

Marco Ren, famed creator of popdg and microcoffee, lives by a single code: “Never forget how you start and why.” For many of us, surrounding ourselves with a petite collection

Forever Repeating the Past

Thousands of years of making one mistake after another and we’ll probably continue that way ad infinitum. Isn’t it nice when we learn from history? The year was 1882. Populist

The Real Housewives of DG

You’ve seen the bitches out themselves in Beverly Hills and every “Real World” city, but now it’s Dongguan’s turn. one question: which lady are you? Heeey there, all my favorite

Journey to the East

So, big dreamer, you didn’t go native in China, but don’t worry. that’s probably a good thing… All expats come full circle in the end. They anxiously arrive full of

Teach English the Right Way

Newsflash for some ESL teachers out there: China does not owe you a living. Either get your job the right way or quit complaining. On some English teachers’ WeChat groups,

The King of The Stage

“I don’t want to be a famous man,” Liang Xiaozhi, comedian, producer and owner of Wit Moment, said after finally sitting down for a moment. That calm wouldn’t last long.

Home Is Where The Party Isn’t

We get it. Dongguan isn’t Hong Kong. the options might be limited, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit around and moan. If you’re bored with your life, look