From A Former Career Advisor

People often talk about the strange things they see, but how about the strange things they do to stay afloat? Find yourself desperate enough and you might be willing to

Chinese Myths and Other Stories

When people ask all kinds of bizarre questions about China, just how weird can they get? Chinese individuals of the less worldly type are often guilty of asking foreigners some

Making the Heart Grow Madder

Here we are, half a world away from home and we’re out of the loop. Cut off from our origin, we are teased with all the scents of our past,

The Ghost at Chinese Christmas

For many in China, Christmas is just not quite the same as the long-lost holiday back home… It was late November a few years back, when I first learned of

A Foreign Exaggertion

After leaving home you might be enticed to distort your history just a bit. you aren’t alone. not even in the past tense. you better get cooking if you aim


The flippant judgement of all things around us naturally includes the immigrants that also travel with us. Are they good, or perhaps bad? and Really, who are we to decide?