Moral Fibre

This is a new one for me. I’ve seen a lot of weird crime scenes in the last four years but this is something else. Clearly murder; but only one

the old Kingdom of Nanyue

The ruins and records of an ancient kingdom are locked beneath the glass and steel of the modern Pearl River Delta. For nearly a century, the Nanyue held out against

Explaining First-Tiers, again

An incredible amount of fuss has been made about Dongguan becoming a first-tier city. The question is, why? One writer seems to have figured out the secret. It seems fitting

Divorce Means Life or Death

Fat, skinny, tall, short, if you like to try a buffet, be careful the region of your mate. You might find a girl who’s ready to swing or take you

A True Global Doctor

When we get sick in a world far from home, it’s certainly reassuring to know that there are locals that can understand us and are willing to help whenever we’re

Teachers’ Back to School Tips

New clothes, supplies and enthusiasm are brimming in your students and you’ve got another glorius chance to kick things off in the best way possible. Do it right. It’s time

Saline Rising

This month brings us some top-notch action from the keys of Alix Robinson. With guns, car chases and Russians, honestly, what more could you want? Are you not entertained? The

Military Ghosts of Modern China

On May 1, 1924, on Changzhou Island, a motley crew of unlikely allies celebrated the opening of one of the most famous schools in modern Chinese history. The Republic of

Chinese Internet Blues

With news that VPNs and similar services are set to be banned, there’s more reason than ever to maximize Facebook. Will it ever happen? Maybe it already is. Last month,

Differentiation in ESL Classes

If you’ve got a great class, but a few students constantly struggle to keep up, try these techniques to keep things running smoothly. We’ve all been there. Whether at a