Rising Manufacturing Costs: Challenges and Opportunities

The recent decades of China’s export-driven economic growth has come at the cost of severe pollution to the environment, which has in turn posed a threat to the health of

Chinese Logistics: Where It’s Going, How It’s Getting There

China, the world’s second largest economy and third largest country by area, is experiencing insatiable demand for transportation and logistics services. Dedicated service providers are struggling to keep up, causing

Run with the Money: Repatriating Cash from China

For foreign companies with subsidiaries in South China, repatriating cash from their China company has always been an important and challenging issue. There are several ways of repatriating cash from

Labor Disputes: Don’t Be the next Yue Yuen

A recent labor strike caused by disputes over welfare payments for employees at Yue Yuen Industrial, a shoe manufacturer in Dongguan, has again put a spotlight on labor disputes in

Dongguan Business: A Regulatory Briefing

Policies for Cultural Enterprises On April 2, the State Council released the regulations aimed at supporting the development of cultural enterprises. Preferential business tax (BT) will replace preferential value-added tax

Minimizing the Risk: Falsely Issued Invoices in China

In June of last year, news broke that China’s official import and export totals had been grossly inflated via invoice fraud, with actual estimates half those of official figures. In

Dongguan Q & A: Business Answers

Q: Why is Dongguan often referred to as the “world’s factory?” A: Beginning in the late 1970s, manufacturing enterprises from Hong Kong and Taiwan were attracted to Dongguan by its

VAT Reform in China: And Its Implications

The pilot reform of the VAT system represents tax saving opportunities for many taxpayers, but increased tax burdens for others. For service providers in China who are now registered as

Holiday Schedule 2014: Updated after Citizen’s Say

After growing discontent with the public holiday schedule, China’s Office of National Holidays conducted an online poll to determine the holiday schedule for 2014. A notable issue for most foreigners

China’s Social Insurance System

How Does it Affect Expat Lives? China’s Social Insurance Law provides that foreigners working in the country are required to participate. In September 2011, the MHRSS further promulgated the Interim