A CHAIN REACTION: Tianmu Bluebird Café

Sometimes we all need the sanctity of restaurant chain, something long established where we know exactly what we are getting. And so it was for the HERE! Dongguan team when,

Bar Street Lotus: Sen Vietnamese

Dongcheng Bar Street has a new addition to its ever expanding range of places to eat. Sen Vietnamese restaurant has recently opened to offer a taste of the Mekong on

Thai Good Cuisine: Tom Yummy

There will always be two kinds of people who dine in a foreign restaurant; those that have traveled to that particular place and those who haven’t. I have always loved

Winner’s Pub: Everyone’s A Winner

Situated approximately 26 kilometers northeast of Dongcheng, Hengli feels a bit like Changping’s lesser known brother, yet delve into its bar street and a hidden expat treasure is revealed. Take

Hello Salad: On the Light Side

The entrance sign, decorated with white lettering atop a bed of greenery, is eye-catching and fresh, while inside it feels like walking into a quiet garden in a bustling city.

Green Bistro: Table for Two.

The table was set for two, and the atmosphere was right for it—clean linens and large wine glasses sat at the ready after a warm and professional reception from Green

Spaghetti Bonds (Humen): A Nice Surprise

Situated in the south of Dongguan, almost directly between Shenzhen and Guangzhou; the developing backwater town of Humen may not be first on everybody’s list of places to frequent. That

Changsheng Xilu: Japanese-Korean Town (Chang’An)

At the foot of the hulking Daling Mountain lays Chang’an, a satellite city of Dongguan which negates much of the sameness you see from town to town. It’s less perturbed

El Caliente: Find the Time

When El Caliente opened over a year ago there was a lot of excitement for the city’s first authentic Mexican restaurant. It is fair to say that at first it

BBQ Chicken: A People Pleaser

In the Korean enclave of Dongcheng Walking Street are some of the best chicken strips you can chow down on anywhere. Korean franchise Best of the Best Quality (BBQ) Chicken