Just opening a couple of months ago is a colorful spot in the restaurant scene of DynaCity Shopping Center. The banner and pictures hung around advertise a bold Vietnamese cuisine,

Romance in Houjie: Al Pozzo

Six years ago, HERE! had a taste of a fledgling Italian eatery way out in Houjie. Deciding it was high time for a return visit to this now firmly established

La Cote d’Azur: Français En Dongguan

For more than two decades, Simon Wong and Lionel Lee gained some serious skills working as chefs in Hong Kong Michelin-starred restaurants. Now, with years of experience in hand, they

Blakester’s: The Future of Burgers

Blakester’s parades a distinctly Polynesian vibe, which extends from the logo all the way down to the homely—romantic, even—kitsch decorations. It’s not exactly what it is that quite catches your

Dip-It Mediterranean Restaurant: Take a Quick Dip

The orange colored-theme of this restaurant embodies warmth from the outset and when you try the food, it’s exactly what you get: healthy, tasty and kindly welcoming. The open-plan kitchen

Tonya: A Taste of Japan

There’s a big chance that you will miss this restaurant as you walk by. It doesn’t so much as have an English logo or sign, but miss it at your

A bite of Local Culture: Taoheung

The bite-sized local treat, Dim sum, is certainly one of the must-try cuisines when new visitors come to Dongguan. Having dim sum is also called yum cha in Cantonese, meaning

The Young Turks: Nazar

Restaurant Review: Nazar For many, Turkish cuisine is amongst the finest in the world, and with a whole host of excellent eateries in Shenzhen and Guangzhou it was only a

Grabbing A Pizza: Pizza Nonna

When looking for authentic Italian pizza in Dongguan, it is understandable that you might be skeptical of a joint opened by a local. We’ve all heard stories of ketchup used

Beauty in a rice cake

미녀는떡볶이를좋아해美女炒年糕 What started out as a street food vendor specializing in Korean snacks has gathered a strong enough fan-base to evolve into a full size store front. For those of