WeBar: Down the Street

The motto of the casual boozer that moseys into this place—located close enough to Dongcheng’s Bar Street to generate curiosity—should simply be, “have liver, will drink.” Kudos should be awarded

Unique Bar (Chang’an): Drink & Play

China is full of every type of establishment with an English name that seems out of place to a native speaker, but Unique Bar is actually quite unique. It’s a

New Bar: Dalang’s Oldest

Last year saw a number of new bar openings in Dalang, but that shouldn’t overshadow the township’s longest standing hangout spot, New Bar. Located near area landmarks, opposite the RT-Mart

Green Road: Century City Bar Crawl

Let’s say you live in Nancheng in the block between Dongguan Avenue and Xinyuan Road, maybe somewhere near the Nancheng Sports Park. Let’s also say that you want to try

Hostaria Wine Bar: A Good Sit

Hostaria is one of those places that even the bar wearied veterans of Dongguan’s drinking scene could sit down in and say, “I want to be here.” Regardless of eating

Huo Lian Shu Area: Mapping Bar Crawls

An idea to crawl out some bar hopping alternatives has been gestating for some time, materializing a journey that began near the corner of Hongfu East Road opposite New Century

Thirty Bar: Double the Trend

In theory Dongcheng’s Walking Street would be a hopping destination for bar hopping. Close your eyes and imagine a figurative spice rack of bars lining two sides of the hallway.

GT Club: Old Dongguan

“Do you want Beer?” my friend started. Yeah, no need to drop several hundred on misinformed booze. After RMB 150, we were faced with six sad cans of Budweiser between

The In-Between: Live House

Livehouse, in most ways, is your typical Chinese bar. About the size of a KFC, primary colors and spinning lasers dart all around as a house singer wails “nothin’s gonna

Road Light: A Yellow Signal

The South China Mall in Wanjiang may be famous for all the wrong reasons, but in the past year it has been going through something of a redevelopment. Recently, cafes,