Expat Bars Closing & Growing

Unfortunately, disappointment hits DG around town with Winners English Pub announcing its upcoming closure. Bringing Hengli Town and Dongguan some of the best food, drinks and service, the team had

From Uber to iBer

Launching at the end of last December, iBER car rental utilizes a similar concept as Mobike: renting and returning a car with an app. Along with energy efficient cars, iBER

Biggest Banquet Strikes DG

In Machong’s Dabu Community, a grand ceremony has been resumed and celebrated for the second time since its restart in 2010. On February 15, celebrating the birthday of Buddhist Goddess,

US Consulate (GZ) Hosts Town Hall

Each year, the U.S. Consul General of the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou leaves the stack of papers on his desk for a few hours and mixes with the local population.

Mucuna Flower Festival

Spring is here, so what’s better than strolling through mountains, appreciating the soothing flowers and listening to chirping birds. In Qingxi’s Dawang Mountain, bunches of green and purple mucuna flowers,

More Sports Venues Coming to DG

Community sports parks equipped with basketball, badminton and table tennis facilities will appear in every community or village by 2025. Meanwhile, 80 percent of public schools’ sports venues will be

Manufacture Giant Settles in Tangxia

Lens Technology, a Hunan-based, top 100 private company in China, is confirmed to start building a factory in Tangxia Town. Founded in 2003, the company has been supplying touch panels,

Expanding Your Business In China

It can be tough to get your business out of your home territory, while still making money and having few contacts. Conferences are great opportunities to meet people and get