Shanzhai Color Run

The spirit of Shanzhai, referring to Chinese imitation and pirating of brands and goods, has gone to the next level in Hongmei Town. On January 12, they ripped off the

R2 Milestone

After four years of construction, it seems the R2 subway line has finally brought some real progress. Bits of good news arrived in December and January, both focus on the

New Shilong Station

The oldest railway station in Dongguan, the 103-year-old Shilong Station in the center of Shilong Town, stopped its passenger business on January 8 and moved to a new location about

New Bus Card

The latest update to Dongguan’s public transit has now been applied to the bus system. The release of the new Dongguan Tong Bus Card will work on any city bus,

HERE!DG Plus – The Dongguan You Want – Episode 2

Another HERE!DG Plus hits the Web. In this episode, the team steals some ideas from the third annual Godot Creative Salon; thanks the academy at the Discover Dongguan short film