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Making the Heart Grow Madder

Here we are, half a world away from home and we’re out of the loop. Cut off from our origin, we are teased with all the scents of our past,

The Ghost at Chinese Christmas

For many in China, Christmas is just not quite the same as the long-lost holiday back home… It was late November a few years back, when I first learned of

A Foreign Exaggertion

After leaving home you might be enticed to distort your history just a bit. you aren’t alone. not even in the past tense. you better get cooking if you aim


The flippant judgement of all things around us naturally includes the immigrants that also travel with us. Are they good, or perhaps bad? and Really, who are we to decide?

Going Underground: The Dongguan Metro Has Finally Arrived

On opening day, HERE! decided to travel across the metro to find out what hidden corners of the city it might unearth… It was the opening day of the Dongguan

Deadpool Spills Blood and Laughter

For those of us that prefer their superheroes to bow to moral ambiguity instead of towards traditional cookie-cutter, good guy molds, there seems much on offer today. It’s now almost

An Adopted Son

How One Woman’s Love For A Chinese-Nigerian Child Became One Of The Most Complex Adoption Cases In Modern China It was late autumn 2007 and Lynn, a 21 year-old unmarried

Getting Ziggy with it: Ziggy’s Bar & Grill (CHANG’AN)

Ziggy’s Bar & Grill (CHANG’AN) Dongguan expats are, all-too-often, known to restrict themselves to their cosy Dongcheng confines, but those that dare venue off the beaten track are often richly

Free As A Bird: Paragliding in the PRD

On a warm spring day, the HERE! team drove into the mountains to see what it was like to fly… Human fantasies are almost boundless, but of those that are

Meditation Madness: India

The resort offers weird new age meditations and exotic hippie therapies with bizarre names such as “A Day for the Inner Child”, “Primal Rebirth”, “Mystic Rose Training”, and “Opening to