Behind Walking Street: And Now You Know

German beer bars are hardly in short supply in China, and for those who may have passed by Yanhe Road at the western end of Nancheng Walking Street, there are

Winner’s Pub: Everyone’s A Winner

Situated approximately 26 kilometers northeast of Dongcheng, Hengli feels a bit like Changping’s lesser known brother, yet delve into its bar street and a hidden expat treasure is revealed. Take

What’s All This Beef?

Few of us know what goes on under the butcher’s blade, but most of us will chew on what they serve up. Next time, order with a little more confidence.

Seven Dongguan Truths

Whether new or seasoned in Asia, you’ve undoubtedly experienced differences. Most people have one or more reasons for being in China, and now that you’ve found Dongguan, you may be

Spaghetti Bonds (Humen): A Nice Surprise

Situated in the south of Dongguan, almost directly between Shenzhen and Guangzhou; the developing backwater town of Humen may not be first on everybody’s list of places to frequent. That