A Walk on the Wild Side – Highlighting Dongguan’s Most Unique Parks

Concealed by bustling shopping malls and grinding factories is a panoply of nature. Here, residents find solace from the noise of the city streets. Friends take a walk, families picnic

A Bit of Grapes & Hops for September

Romisa Chilean Chardonnay (Central Valley, 2016) Romisa Chilean Chardonnay is an exemplar of its kind. It exudes buttery glycerin goodness. Reliable sunshine. An escape from the daily routine. It’s clean—but

Explaining First-Tiers, again

An incredible amount of fuss has been made about Dongguan becoming a first-tier city. The question is, why? One writer seems to have figured out the secret. It seems fitting

Diaosi (Losers)

The dregs of Chinese society, igored by their government, scoffed at by their countrymen were angry, hopeless and weak. the Internet gave them a nasty voice. How can we describe

Divorce Means Life or Death

Fat, skinny, tall, short, if you like to try a buffet, be careful the region of your mate. You might find a girl who’s ready to swing or take you

Raise Your Glass: Cheer Bar

The wow factor is definitely there as you walk in—lights, beers, friendly staff, immediate service, a red pool table, big screen, proper tables and to top it all off, a

East-West Vegetarian: Ru Shi Su (汝是素)

Ordering protein dishes in China can be challenging. Will the chicken come chopped with bones? How will I cut up the meat with a lone pair of chopsticks? Will it